Week-long sponsorships of ACGT are available (see full details below). Please get in touch if you are interested in promoting a product, platform, or service. ACGT sponsorships are exclusive, there will only be one sponsor per week.

Benefits of sponsorship

The audience of ACGT are smart and talented people working in fields relating to bioinformatics and genomics at every level (in academia and industry). My series of regular interviews with notable bioinformaticians are highly popular, and long-form posts (such as my 2013 article on why N50 is used as an assembly metric) continue to draw a lot of traffic to the site.

Two thirds of my regular audience are based in the USA and UK, and the remaining traffic comes from over 100 countries all around the world. ACGT currently attracts around 10,000 page views per month with over 2,000 subscribers to the RSS feed. The audience size continues to increase and new outlets, such as my ACGT channel in the Apple News app, means that I expect such growth to continue.

The nature of these sponsorships means that they have the added benefit of not being subject to any ad-blocking software because they appear as regular blog posts.

Sponsorship details

  • Weekly sponsorship begins with a featured post at the start of the week that appears on the main ACGT homepage
  • The featured post may contain boilerplate copy (and optional banner image) or can be something that I help write for you
  • This post also goes out to all RSS subscribers of the blog
  • Additonally, the post is also seen by everyone who subcribes to daily email updates from the blog
  • Sponsored posts will also be highlighted via my @ACGT_blog twitter account
  • At the end of every week I will thank the sponsor with a dedicated blog post
  • I will also send a tweet thanking the sponsor from my personal @kbradnam twitter account (with over 2,100 followers).