Who is Keith Bradnam?

I am a Digital Strategy Manager at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, and I no longer have any direct involvement with genomics or bioinformatics. However…

I first started my career in bioinformatics back in 1993 as a Masters student at the University of Manchester. This led to a PhD looking at eukaryotic genome evolution which was followed by some work on crop genome databases at the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC).  I then spent four years working on WormBase at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

This led to a long, and happy, time working as a Postdoc and then an Associate Project Scientist in the laboratory of Ian Korf at the UC Davis Genome Center. During this time I worked on many different genomics projects, most notably the two Assemblathon projects. It was also during this time that I started this blog and developed more of an interest in science communication.

You can see my ImpactStory page for a more detailed overview of my publications and other scientific output.

As I have left the world of science research, new posts on this blog are now quite rare. However, occasionally the two worlds of my new and old jobs collide and I get to report from genomics conferences which might merit a new blog post here. 

In addition to the @ACGT_blog twitter account  I still try to post occasional links to papers and other resources relating to the field of 'omics' assembly (genome, transcriptome, and metagenome). This is done from the Assemblathon twitter account (@assemblathon). 

And of course I can also be found talking all manner of nonsense on my personal twitter account (@kbradnam).


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Financial Disclaimer

From time to time I write about companies in the biotechnology sector, particularly companies that develop sequencing technologies. I do not own, and have never owned, shares in any biotechnology company. Nor do I have any other vested interest in such companies that might lead to a conflict of interest.