The next BioNano Genomics Webinar is about improving genome assemblies with gEVAL

The next BioNano Genomics webinar will be October 27th, 2015 at 8:00 am (PST). The title of the webinar is:

gEVAL- A Genome Evaluation Browser for Improving Genome Assemblies

The gEVAL browser is managed by the Genome Reference Informatics Team (GRIT) at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. William Chow, the lead developer of gEVAL will be leading the webinar.

You can register for the event here.


Financial disclaimer: I do not own shares in any biotechnology company.

Limited tickets still available for 'Bio in Docker' Symposium (November 2015)

This free symposium — organised by Kings College London and the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) — will bring together people interested in using Docker images in the field of bioinformatics, and will include a 'mini-hackday' session.

Event description

Docker is now establishing itself as the de facto solution for containerization across a wide range of domains. The advantages are attractive, from reproducible research to simplifying deployment of complex code.

This event will bring together some notable cases to discuss how advantage of this new technology can best be achieved within the Bioinformatics space.

Event details

  • November 9–10, 2015
  • London, UK at the Wellcome Collection
  • Register through Eventbrite

Talk details

  • Peter Belmann (Bioboxes): i) Evaluating and ranking bioinformatics software using docker containers. ii) Overview of the BioBoxes project
  • Nebojsa Tijanic (SB Genomics): Portable workflow and tool descriptions with Common Workflow Language and Rabix
  • Paolo Di Tommaso (Nextflow / Notredame Lab, CRG): Manage reproducibility in genomics pipelines with Nextflow and Docker containers
  • Amos Folarin & Stephen Newhouse (NGSeasy/KCL): Next generation sequencing pipelines in Docker
  • Tim Hubbard (Genomics England / KCL): Pipelines to analysis data from the 100,000 genomes project as part of the Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP)
  • Fabien Campagne (Campagne lab): MetaR and the Nextflow Workbench: application of Docker and language workbench technology to simplify bioinformatics training and data analysis.
  • Elijah Charles (Intel): Bioinformatics and the packaging melee
  • Brad Chapman (Blue Collar Bioinformatics): Improving support and distribution of validated analysis tools using Docker
  • Michael Ferranti / Kai Davenport (ClusterHQ): Data, Volumes and portability with Flocker
  • Ilya Dmitrichenko (Weave): Application-oriented networking with Weave
  • Aanand Prasad (Docker): Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose