Recent changes to the ACGT blog

There's probably some published rules for how to write blog posts and I imagine that one of those rules might be don't blog about your blog. Oh well…

Over the last few months I've been making lots of tweaks to this site. Most of them have been subtle changes in order to make the pages less cluttered and more aesthetically pleasing — e.g. did you notice that I moved the 'About Blog Contact' menu bar ~20 pixels closer to the top of the page as it was just a little bit too lonely where it used to be? Aside from these minor cosmetic alterations, I've also made some more substantial changes:

  • You can no longer see tags for individual blog posts (but I have kept the tag cloud on the About page so you can still find all posts that share the same tag).
  • On the same About page, I added an option to let people subscribe to the blog via email (maximum one email per day).
  • Just about every post listed on the main page of this site used to have a 'Read More' link which you needed to click in order to read the entire article. I'm now restricting this only to my longer posts.
  • I've disabled comments from the blog; partly because I wasn't getting a lot of them but mostly because of the many excellent reasons stated on the @avoidcomments Twitter account.
  • I've started including occasional 'link blog' posts. These are short posts — often just a paragraph or two — that typically comment on a paper or on another blog post. The titles of link blog posts are themselves links to the source paper/blog post, and include a little arrow to indicate this. E.g. see here, here, or here.

As a final note, I'd like to thank everyone who has tweeted or otherwise spread the word about this blog. Aside from churning out more posts about bioinformatics tools with bogus names, I do want to make a bit more of an effort to write about some more substantive issues in bioinformatics. Stay tuned!

New option to subscribe to this blog via email

Shamelessly borrowing this idea from Matt Gemmell's excellent blog, I thought I'd offer the chance to subscribe to my infrequent ramblings via email. If you enter your email address below, you can receive a weekly email (sent on Friday afternoons) with all of my posts for that week.

Your email address will only be used for the purpose of receiving my blog content and will not be shared with anyone else. Each email will offer a simple link by which to unsubscribe.