Why Siri might not be the best tool for dictating ideas about bioinformatics

I recently tried using Siri on my iPhone to dictate some notes regarding the outline of a lecture that I am giving this week. It seems that although Siri is great for capturing lots of 'regular' text, she doesn't do so well at bioinformatics/genomics jargon. Here is what I captured before I abandoned this attempt:

Some background for the total truth, why is Tina assembly important and why is genome is somebody difficult.

Do you have a background will consist of looking at twin we still about the human genome and then we will move onto the positives it most human gene into multiple GMC different individuals and different tissues such as cancer

We can show some background for project such as the 959 Nemitz hoot genomes. And the 1001 hour blocks is genomes and Jean and tank hey and I 5K and Billy and genomes project

Make the analogy of chicks holes maybe share the wealth Lodge is Txell is. Then showed my old slides to inches terminology. We should also have a definition of genome assembly.

For my genome Dicsal slides I can introduce the concept called holds but I have to make a point, but in routine assembly there are many little pieces. Showed how many pieces that would be 100 base pay rate. How can I how much covers there is a huge 11 translate into detail pieces. Make the point there is no image to work from. Or if there is an image it's for a flirt. Then mention it the issue of repeats in the genome. Also discussed the issue of deployed genomes

If you're curious, these notes refer to a talk about genome assembly. I like how 'nematode' came out as 'Nemitz hoot', 'jigsaws' became 'chicks holes', and 'diploid' turned into 'deployed'.