New recipient of the Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Acronym (JABBA) award

It was only a few weeks ago that I gave out the last JABBA award. One of the winning recipients that time was a database — featuring excessive use of mixed-case characters — called 'mpMoRFsDB'.

Well it seems that if you work on 'MoRFs' (Molecular Recognition Features) then you must love coming up with fun acronyms. This week in BMC Bioinformatics we have another MoRFs related tool that is worthy of a JABBA award:

The oh-so-catchy 'MFSPSSMpred' (Masked, Filtered and Smoothed Position-Specific Scoring Matrix-based Predictor) is the kind of name that requires you to first sit down and take a deep breath before attempting to pronounce it. Just imagine having to tell someone about this tool:

"Hi Keith, can you recommend any bioinformatics tools for identifying MoRFs?"

"Why certainly, have you tried em-eff-ess-pee-ess-ess-em-pred?"

Congratulations MFSPSSMpred, you join the ranks of former JABBA winners.