JABBA, ORCA, and more bad bioinformatics acronyms

JABBA awards — Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Acronym — are my attempt to poke a little bit of fun at the crazy (and often nonsensical) acronyms and initialisms that are sometimes used in bioinformatics and genomics. When I first started handing out these awards in June 2013, I didn't realize that I was not alone in drawing attention to these unusual epithets.



ORCA is the Organization for Really Contrived Acronyms a fun blog set up by an old colleague of mine, Richard Edwards. ORCA sets out to highlight strange acronyms across many different disciplines, whereas my JABBA awards focus on bioinformatics. Occasionally, there is some overlap, and so I will point you to the latest ORCA post which details a particularly strange initialism for a bioinformatics database:

ADAN - prediction of protein-protein interAction of moDular domAiNs

Be sure to read Richard's thoughts on this name, as well as checking out some of the other great ORCA posts, including one of my favorites (GARFIELD).