Sprai: a bioinformatics software acronym that I actually like

I heard somebody mention the following tool today:

As someone who frequently heaps scorn on many bogus acronyms used for bioinformatics tools, I thought that maybe I should point out some good ones when I come across them. I like 'sprai' as a name for the following reasons:

  1. It is a genuine acronym (initial letters of all words are used)
  2. The name is short
  3. The name is pronounceable (though I'm making an assumption that it is pronounced 'spry')
  4. As a non-English word, it's pretty unique (especially in the field of bioinformatics)
  5. When I search for it on Google, it shows up on the first page of results (though it has some competition from this place)

The only negative might be that it is subject to being misspelt (especially if you only hear the name verbally and don't see it written down), but otherwise it's a good name.