There have now been 18 interviews in my series of 101 questions with a bioinformatician. The final question in each interview is always:

101. IUPAC describes a set of 18 single-character nucleotide codes that can represent a DNA base: which one best reflects your personality?

So after 18 interviews we have the statistical possibility of equal representation by all possible nucleotide ambiguity codes. Let's take a look at what the results actually look like:

So N and Y are the most popular choices so far but no love for A, C, G, U, K, M, D,  or H! What's so bad about the letter K? I always thought of K as a distinguished member of the IUPAC ambiguity code community!

If you are sharp-eyed you may notice that there are actually 19 responses shown here. That's because a certain someone claimed two characters in their answer. I'm sure that you will all be glued to the next 18 interviews to see if, and how, these frequencies change. And I will be Keen in my undertaKing to maKe sure that I Keep this blog free from any subtle bias that may influence folK.