More mixed-case madness in the name of a bioinformatics tool

From the latest issue of Bioinformatics we have:

According to the abstract, the 'SUB' comes from subcellular, the 'A' comes from Arabidopsis, and the 'con' comes from 'consensus'. So why isn't it SUBACON? Maybe because people might then read it as 'sue bacon'?

It's not clear to me if this is meant to be pronounced 'soo-ba-con' or 'sub-ay-con'. The abstract then goes on to mention something called the ASURE portal (pronounced 'azure' or 'ay-sure'???), where ASURE = Arabidopsis SUbproteome REference.. If this was following the same rules as SUBAcon, shouldn't this be called ASUre (or even ASUBre)?