And the award for the most needless typographical formatting in the name of a bioinformatics software tool goes to…

From a recent issue of the Bioinformatics journal, we have this paper:

This leads me to play out the following conversation in my head:

<sound of telephone ringing>

Me: "Hello, I'm looking to speak to the people that develop the software CCSOLOMICS"

Them: "I think you may have the wrong number, there is no software by that name available here"

Me: "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot a space. That was meant to be 'CCSOL OMICS'"

Them: "No I'm sorry, that doesn't sound like it is our software"

Me: "Hmm. What about a lower-case version of the name?"

Them: "Like 'ccSOL omics'?"

Me: "Yes, exactly"

Them: "No I'm sorry I've never heard of that either"

Me: "Oh well, I must have the wrong number"

Them: "Hang on, we do have some software that goes by the name of  italicized 'cc', upper-case 'SOL', space, italicized 'omics'. Would that be what you're looking for? Hello…are you still there?"