Buy one bogus bioinformatics acronym, get one free!

New in the journal Bioinformatics:

So the software is called AdvISER-M-PYRO and this is (presumably) derived from Amplicon identification using SparsE representation of multiplex PYROsequencing. However, I don't understand why 'S', 'E', and 'PYRO' get capitalized but not the 'I' of 'identification' or the 'M' of 'multiplex'? Also, I like how they sneak in two letters ('d' and 'v') that don't occur in the name of the software (at least not before the 'I' of 'identification').

This paper is a 2-for-1 type of deal, because if you read a bit more of the abstract you will see:

In parallel, the nucleotide dispensation order was improved by developing the SENATOR (‘SElecting the Nucleotide dispensATion Order’) algorithm.

This second bogus acronym also lacks some clarity. Is the 'R' of 'SENATOR' derived from the first or second 'r' of 'the word 'Order'???