There's a lot of it about at the moment…

  • MAGeCK: Model-based Analysis of Genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout

Slightly bogus.

  • PrEMeR-CG: Probabilistic Extension of Methylated Reads at CpG resolution

Somewhat bogus.

  • ODIN: One-stage DIffereNtial peak caller


  • Gustaf: Generic mUlti-SpliT Alignment Finder

Definitely bogus.

  • iPro54-PseKNC: Predictor for identifying sigma-54 promoters in prokaryote with pseudo k-tuple nucleotide composition

I'm not sure if 'PseKNC' meant to be pronounced 'sequence'? I'm also not sure if the 'Pro' refers to prokaryote' or 'promoters'. Likewise, I'm not sure if the 'i' is for 'identifying' or is just an Apple-style brand prefix. Finally, I'm not even sure if this is meant to be an acronym at all. But it looks bogus to me.