A new JABBA award for a particularly bogus bioinformatics acronym

JABBA is an acronym for 'Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Acronym'. JABBA awards are given when people publish bioinformatics tools that have names which are tenuously derived acronyms (or initialisms). There have been many JABBA award winners, but this one might take some beating. This software tool was published earlier this year in the journal 'Microarrays'. Here is the title of the journal article: 

Pigeons: A Novel GUI Software for Analysing and Parsing High Density Heterologous Oligonucleotide Microarray Probe Level Data

So now the million dollar question is…what is 'Pigeons' an acronym of? Please sit down as  you might feel faint when you read this:

Photographically InteGrated En-suite for the OligoNucleotide Screening

Wow. This rates an 11 on the Bogus Scale (a scale that only goes up to 10).