More bioinformatics link rot: where is EUROCarbDB?

Update 2015-01-19 15.19: I contacted the corresponding author about this and now the EurocarbDB link in the original paper works.

First published online a few months ago in the journal Bioinformatics (September 12th, 2014):

The name of this resource is not the snappiest name out there. "Oh, you're interested in resources for glycomics, have you tried EuroCarbDB-open parentheses-cee-cee-ar-cee-close parentheses?", but leaving that aside the paper lists the following URLs as part of the abstract:

Availability and implementation: The installation with the glycan standards is available at The source code of the project is available at

The first link says that the server is down. The parent page ( seems to make no mention at all of this resource (not that I can find anywhere). Following the second link in the abstract, I found the following text:

An incubator project for the future direction of the EUROCarbDB project. More to follow.... This new project is in it's infancy - please use the original EUROCarbDB site. A new project will be hosted at UniCarb-DB ( to reflect the continued work of the developers

I followed the first of these links to the 'original' EUROCarbDB site. This Google Code page in turn told me that the online version of EuroCarbDB is hosted by the European Institute of Bioinformatics.

Following the link for the online version of EUROCarbDB takes me to what seems to be a closed down site at the EBI titled 'What happened to the EuroCarbDB website?' which has this to say:

The pilot project ended in 2009 but efforts to obtain renewed funding have unfortunately not been successful. The EuroCarbDB website was hosted by the Protein Data Bank in Europe at EMBL-EBI but has now been discontinued

So that's all very helpful then.