Another hard-to-pronounce bioinformatics software name

This was from a few months ago, published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research:

So how do you pronounce 'FunFHMMer'? I can imagine several possibilities:

  1. Fun-eff-aitch-em-em-er
  2. Fun-eff-aitch-em-mer
  3. Fun-eff-hammer
  4. Fünf-hammer

Reading the manuscript suggests that 'FunF' stems from 'FunFam(s)' which in turn is derived from 'functional families'. This would suggest that options 1 or 3 above might be the correct way to pronounce this software's name.

The fully expanded description of this web server's name becomes a bit of a mouthful:

Class Architecture Topology Homologous Superfamily Functional Families Hidden Markov Model (maker?)