Google and WormBase: these are not the search results you're looking for

Today I wanted to look up a particular gene in the WormBase database. Rather than go to the WormBase website, I thought I would just search Google for the word 'wormbase' followed by the gene name (rpl-22). Surely this would be enough to put the Gene Summary page for rpl-22 at the top of the results?

Sadly no. Here are the results that I was presented with:

All ten of these results include information from the WormBase database regarding the rpl-22 gene and/or link to the WormBase page for the gene. But there are no search results for at all.

Very odd. Is WormBase not allowing themselves to be indexed by search engines? I see a similar lack of results when using bing, Ask, or DuckDuckGo. However, if I search Google for flybase rpl-22 or pombase rpl-22 I find the desired fly/yeast orthologs of the worm rpl-22 gene as the top Google result.