Viewing online figures in an Nucleic Acids Research article…an exercise in frustration

I found a Nucleic Acids Research article that I wanted to read online. The article in question had — like most articles — some figures. Here's how my web browser displays one of the figures:

I've blurred out the surrounding text so as not to risk any copyright issues (and also to let you focus on just the figure). If your eyesight is like mine, you may feel that the three subpanels of this figure are too small to be of much use.

So I clicked the image…

The white rectangle enclosing the figure increases in size from about 250 x 130 pixels to about 460 x 210. If I squint, I can just about make out some of the figure text, but it remains far from clear.

So I clicked the image…

Now I see exactly the same image as before, but it's in a new webpage which has a wider figure legend. The new legend is acually a little bit harder to read than previously as there are more words per line. I'm really not sure what the point of this page is.

So I clicked the image…

Hooray! Now I can finally see the figure at a decent size where all of the figure text is legible. It only took me three clicks to get there. To make sense of the figure I turn to the legend, only to find that there is no legend!

So you can have your figure at a reasonable size without the legend, or you can have the legend but only with a small version of the figure. It is obviously beyond the journals ability to give you both.