24 carat JABBA awards

jabba logo.png

Here is a new paper published in the journal PLOSBuzzFeed…sorry, I mean PLOS Computational Biology:

It's a good job that they mention the name of the algorithm ninety-one times in the paper, otherwise you might forget just how bogus the name is. At least DIAMOnD has that lower-case 'n' which means that no-one will confuse it with:

This second DIAMOND paper dates all the way back to November 2014. Where does this DIAMOND get its name?

Double Index AlignMent Of Next-generation sequencing Data

This DIAMOND gets a bonus point for having a website link in the paper which doesn't seem to work.

So DIAMOnD and DIAMOND are both the latest recipients of JABBA awards for giving us Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Acronym.