Registration is now open for the UK 2015 Genome Science meeting

Registration for the 2015 Genome Science meeting is now open. This is the meeting formally known as Genome Science: Biology, Applications and Technology, which in turn was formally known as The UK Next Generation Sequencing Meeting. I expect that next year it will just be known as Genome.

It's a fun meeting which all the cool kids go to, and it's in Brum so you will at least be able to get a decent curry.

The scientific sessions will be as follows:

  • 20 years of bacterial genomics: Dr Nick Loman, University of Birmingham
  • Environmental genomics: Dr Holly Bik, University of Birmingham
  • Functional genomics: Associate Professor Aziz Aboobaker, University of Oxford
  • New technologies: Dr Mike Quail, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • Plant and animal genomics: Mr Mick Watson, Edinburgh Genomics
  • Novel computational methods: Professor Chris Ponting, University of Oxford
  • Single cell genomics, Professor Neil Hall, University of Liverpool

It is not altogether inconceivable that evening entertainment will be provided by The Nick & Mick Show, where Messrs. Loman and Watson might showcase their latest venture — Nanopore: the musical.