Trying to locate the source of duplicated software names

Thanks to Andrew Su (@andrewsu) and Mick Watson (@BioMickWatson) for alerting me to the following:

The former paper is from 2009, the latter paper is from 2015. Neither paper has anything to do with this 2010 paper which introduced something called the Genome Positioning System (GPS). Most importantly, none of these papers have anything at all to do with GPS (as most people understand the term).

If I run a Google search for GPS Bioinformatics the top hit that I see is for the MSc course in Bioinformatics as part of Brandeis University's Graduate Professional Studies program.

The usual disclaimer applies:

  1. Check existing literature before you name your software (at the very least run a Google search).
  2. Double check the name by adding the word 'bioinformatics' or 'genomics' to the search terms.
  3. Avoid names which wholly or partially contain words or terms that have nothing to do with your software.