Hopping back for another JABBA award

jabba logo.png

So I was meant to have retired myself from handing out JABBA awards to recognise instances of ‘Just Another Bogus Bioinformatics Algorithm’. However, I saw something this week which clearly merits an award.

And so, from a new paper recently published in PLoS ONE I give you:

The three lower-case letters signal that there is going to be some name wrangling going on…so let’s see how the authors arrive at this name:

GRASShopPER: GPU overlap GRaph ASSembler using Paired End Reads

That’s how it is described in the paper, so I guess it could have also been called ‘GOGAUPER’? I find this is another example of a clumsily constructed acronym that could have been avoided altogether.

‘Grasshopper’ is a cool, and catchy, name for any software tool and it doesn’t really need to be retconned into making an awkward acronym.

It does, however, give me one new animal for the JABBA menagerie!