The top 10 #PLOSBuzzFeed tweets that will put a smile on your face

It all started so innocently. Nick Loman (@pathogenomenick) expressed his dissatisfaction with yet another PLOS Computational Biology article that uses the 10 Simple Rules… template:

There were two immediate responses from Kai Blin (@kaiblin) and Phil Spear (@Duke_of_neural):

I immediately saw the possibility that this could become a meme-worthy hashtag, so I simply retweeted Phil’s tweet, added the hashtag #PLOSBuzzFeed, and waited to see what would happen (as well making some of my own contributions).

At the time of writing — about 10 hours later — there have been several hundred tweets using this hashtag. Presented in reverse order, here are the most ‘popular’ tweets from today (as judged by summing retweets and favorites):