Beautiful logo redesign as part of the rebranding of Crossref

Crossref — the non-profit organization that helps make academic content easier to find, link, cite and assess — has today announced a rebranding. They will be announcing new names and new logos for all of their products, and the Crossref logo itself gains a beautiful looking new design. So we say 'goodbye' to this:


And 'hello' to this lovely logo:


The explanation for why they wanted to change the logo makes a lot of sense to me:

We needed an icon to give more flexibility across the web that a word mark cannot do alone. The icon is made up of two interlinked angle brackets familiar to those who work with metadata, and can also act as arrows depicting Metadata In and Metadata Out, two themes under which our services can generally be grouped.

As part of this rebranding, they are formalizing a change from CrossRef to Crossref (with lower case 'R'). Someone had a fun job updating their Wikipedia page:

Wikipedia edit history: CrossRef > Crossref. Click to enlarge.