More JABBA awards for inventive bioinformatics acronyms

A quick set of new JABBA award recipients. Once again these are drawn from the journal Bioinformatics.

  1. NetWeAvers: an R package for integrative biological network analysis with mass spectrometry data - the mixed capitalization of this software tool is a little uneasy on the eye. But more importantly, a Google search for 'netweavers' returns lots of links about something entirely different. I.e. NetWeavers (and NetWeaving) is already a recognized term in another field.
  2. GIM3E: condition-specific models of cellular metabolism developed from metabolomics and expression data. - the 3 part of this algorithm's name is deliberately written in superscript by the authors. This implies 'cubed', but I think it is really referring to 3 lots of 'M' related words because the full name of the algorithm is 'Gene Inactivation Moderated by Metabolism, Metabolomics and Expression'. GIM3E is not something that is particularly easy to say quickly, though it is much more Google friendly than NetWeavers.
  3. INSECT: IN-silico SEarch for Co-occurring Transcription factors - making an acronym into the name of a plant or animal name is quite common in bioinformatics. A couple of examples are worth mentioning. There is the MOUSE resource (Mitochondria and Other Useful SEquences) and also something called HAMSTeRS (the Haemophilus A Mutation, Structure, Test and Resource Site). The main problem with acronyms like these is that they can be to hard to find using online search tools (e.g. Google for hamster resources). A secondary issue is that the name just doesn't really connect to what the resource/database/algorithm is about. The INSECT database contains information about 14 different species, only one of which is an insect.
2013-11-26 at 2.38 PM.png

I'll no doubt be posting again the next time I come across some more dubious acroynms.