Top twitter talent: UC Davis genome scientists lead the way

The Next Gen Seq website has just published its 2013 list of the Top N Genome Scientists to Follow on Twitter. Over 10% of this International list of scientists are all staff or Faculty here at UC Davis, which says a lot about the quality of genomics talent here on campus:

It is also worth mentioning that there are so many other people at UC Davis who work in genomics and bioinformatics and who use twitter to effectively communicate their research and engage with the community. E.g.

  • @dr_bik - Holly Bik (Postdoc in Jon Eisen's lab)
  • @ryneches - Russel Neches  (Grad student in Jon Eisen's lab)
  • @theladybeck - Kristen Beck (Grad student in Ian Korf's lab)
  • @sudogenes - Gina Turco (Grad student in Siobhan Brady's lab...and winner of best twitter account name)

Great to see UC Davis recognized like this.



Updated at 9:09 am to reflect that Next Gen Seq have now added Vince Buffalo to the list (he was apparently meant to be on the list anyway).