Reflections on my '101 questions with a bioinformatician' series

This is in lieu of a regular '101 questions with a bioinformatician' post which has been delayed (hopefully by only a day). This series of interviews has now been running for over 2 months and — judging by my web stats — it seems to be popular. In fact, these posts now account for the majority of traffic to this site.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and for everyone who has been reading these interviews. It's been fun doing this and I've enjoyed seeing the variety of answers that people have provided.

I should confess that I'm solely responsible for adding hyperlinks to the answers that people provide, and in addition to adding links for obvious items like pieces of bioinformatics software, I sometimes like to have a bit of fun with what I choose to link to. E.g. see the links I added to question 101 in my interview with Holly Bik.

To finish off, here are some relevant numbers about this series:

  • 10 — number of interviews posted
  • 2 — number of interviews finished and (almost) ready to be posted
  • 6 — number of people who have agreed to be interviewed but haven't yet sent me their answers (cough, cough).
  • 81 — my current list of 'potential interviewees'

The last point means that hopefully I can keep this series going for a while longer. I guess that I now have to aim for an interviewee #101, (which would be the 102nd interview…obviously).