How to make your genomics website more suitable for an English-speaking audience

Today I visited the website of the Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG) for the first time. BIG is not to be confused with BGI (which was formerly known as the Beijing Genomics Institute). If you look at just about any web page on this site other than the home page (which contains an unusual visual element), you'll see the following image:

My sharp, British-born, eyes quickly recognized this as the UK's Houses of Parliament in London (well technically it's the Palace of Westminster). See this image for a comparison. I then noticed that this image doesn't feature on the Chinese language version of the website (which has a completely different design).

I can only assume that some web designer thought that an image like this would be fitting because it is the English-language version of the website, and that they therefore chose an image of something (incorrectly) deemed to be English. At this point, I feel obliged to share the following video which offers a definitive explanation as to the differences between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom: