None shall stare into the face of Medusa (or Medusa, or MeDUSA): more bioinformatics tools that use the same name

Following on from yesterday's post where I pointed out that there are three completely different bioinformatics tools that are all called 'Kraken', I bring you more news of the same. Scott Edmunds (@SCEdmunds on twitter) brought to my attention today that there is some bioinformatics software called Medusa that is either:

  1. A tool from 2005 for interaction graph analysis
  2. Some software published in 2011 that explores and clusters biological networks
  3. Or an acronym for a 2012 resource (MeDUSA) that can be used for methylome analysis

So if someone asks you to install Kraken and Medusa, it's good to know that there's only nine different combinations of tools that they might be referring to.